My name is Shankar Kumar from Chennai.


I am a novice in writing blogs. This is my first blog. As I don’t have any experience, please correct me, if I made any mistakes.

In this blog I want to share with you my experiences with diabetes.

The contents of this blog is about pre -diabetes. I have been a diabetic for the past 20 years. In this blog I will discuss the symptoms of pre-diabetes.

  1. 1: Frequent urination : A person will go to the toilet very often, say every 2 hours during the day and atleast twice at night.
  2. 2: Dryness of mouth : This indicates that the person’s sugar level is high (above 300).
  3. 3: The skin in the palm of hands tends to become dry and get a funny feeling in the palm of your hands.
  4. 4: Pins and needles on your feet. You cannot walk barefoot and mud on the ground pricks you like needles.
  5. 5: Cracked skin on both feet.
  6. 6: A wound or sore on any part of the body refuses to heal.
  7. 7: Suppose you cut your finger with a knife or blade, the blood takes longer to stop and clot.
  8. 8: Toilet problem. Very difficult to go to the toilet .you have to exert extra pressure.
    • 9: Blurred vision : you will not be able to notice this, only when you and somebody tries to see the same thing at the same time, only then you will know the difference.
    • 10: Erectile dyfunction (ED, Impotence) : This is because blood supply to the penis is blocked and hence no blood supply to the penis.
    • 11: Dryness of the tip of penis : This is a disease that comes during the early stages of diabetes.
    • 12: Sudden over weight / Loss of weight.
    • 13: Always feeling thirsty
    • 14: Exess sweating: A diabetic will sweat more than a normal person, beause his body temperature will be higher than a normal person.

These are some of the early stages of diabetes. If you have any of these symptoms check your blood for sugar level. If the level is more than 150 consult a physician immediately.

Remember at this stage if you control your sugar level you will not become a diabetic, and you can live a healthy lifestyle forever.

In my next blog I will discuss easy ways to control diabetes .

I will also discuss various problems due to diabetes.

Hope this tips were useful, please give your comments, suggestions and feedback .

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