Diabetes and you.

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In this blog I want to discuss the various diseases a person can get due to diabetes.

1. Hair Fall :- A diabetic will loose hair on his head due to diabetes. He will not realize, he will think it is due to other various reasons, like hereditary, pollution, etc.

2. Loss of Hearing : A diabetic will loose his sense of hearing, slowly but steadily. He will not realise it and think it is due to other factors like, old age.

3. Loss of Smell : A diabetic will loose his sense of smell gradually, this also he will not realise.

4. Dryness of Skin : This can happen to any part of the body especially the hands and the feet. This can cause burning sensation, itching, pins and needles, cracks in skin, scales on skin, all this is due to reduced blood flow. If these problems are not checked early, it can lead to severe problems like removal of toes or foot.

5. Blindness : Two major diseases of the eye are Glaucoma and Diabetic Retinopathy.

Glaucoma is a disease where the pressure in the eye increases drastically. Normal pressure should be less than 15 in the eyes. Here the pressure increases to 50 – 60. At this point the pressure squeezes the weakest part of the eye, ie. Optical Nerve. This is the nerve that connects the eye to the brain.

At this point the optical nerve is unable to transmit messages to the brain.

So, a person looses vision in that eye. The first symptm is severe pain, like fire in the eye.There is no cure for this disease, at an advanced stage.

In Diabetic Retinopathy the blood vessels in the retina start swelling or starts leaking blood inside the eye.

As the retina becomes uneven, the vision becomes blurred.

If left untreated a person can loose the vision in that eye.

The first symptom of this disease is night blindness. A person will not be able to see in low light / no light.

6. Tooth decay : Diabetes can lead to lot of dental problems. The gums that hold the teeth will recede and the teeth will become weekened. Teeth will start to wear out and nerves will get exposed, causing a severe pain when eating cold or hot food.

Finally the teeth will start shaking and will fall out one by one. If you have any of the above problems, contact the dentist immediatley.

Remember there is nothing like the original. You may be asked to replace the original teeth – Don’t make that mistake.

7. Kidney Failure : The function of the kidney is to clear the body of all the waste collected in the body. The blood is being sent to the kidney to get purified. The kidney is like a filter. The blood flows through this filter where the impurities get separated and sent out of the body as urine.

When the kidney start to fail, you will not realize it. The first symptom is swelling of legs. This is because the body cannot get rid of the waste in the body and it gets deposited in the legs. As the disease progresses the person will become sick.

If medical support is not taken, the kidneys will stop functioning and the person will die.

8. Heart Problems : There are three type of diseases. a) Stroke, b) cardio and c) heart failure. In a stroke blood is stopped from going to the brain because the vessel that carries blood to the brain is blocked, therefore a person dies.

In a cardio disease, the blood that goes to the blood vessels in the heart get blocked therefore the heart does not get oxygen to function properly, therefore the heart stops beating, the person dies. This can also be called as heart attack.

Heart failure means the heart is unable to pump blood to the rest of the body. Therefore a person dies.

9. Thyroid Problem : The body cells destroy the thyroid cells and prevent the thyroid functioning normally.

10. Loss of body parts : A diabetic will start loosing various body parts, starting from toes, foot, leg, E.D., Kidney failure, eyes and fingers.

11. Nervous disorders : Some of the common disorders are , Seizures, Loss of sensation, Loss of muscle or weakness of muscle, paralysis, difficulty in reading or writing, unable to stand still, finally uncontrolled movement of body, legs or hands.

12. Gastro problems : Going to the toilet will be a terrible experience every morning. If this problem persists, for long periods then visit a gastro specialist.

These are some of the severe problems that occur due to advanced stage of diabetes.

To avoid any or all of the above problems just control your diabetes.If you can control your diabetes, all the health issues will fly away, and you can live a healthy, wealthy lifestyle during your old age.

In my concluding blog , that will follow latter,I will give you some simple tips to keep diabetes at bay .

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